About Katie
Connecting with guides, loved one's or the energy of our beloved pets is not something that should be taken lightly. It is my life's purpose to provide others with this connection. From my perspective, this communication is valuable in several ways.

My Job as a mediums is to show proof that we always remain connected to those we love. It is also to show that it is impossible not to be! Love never dies, and that's true! Every person who touches our lives is a beacon of light and lesson. I am here to help you on that journey.

I was born and raised in Illinois by a devoted Catholic family. I was what they called a "Blue Baby" and easily passed from one realm of existence to another. The loss of a brother at age nine increased my connection to the other side. I was taught life did not end with the physical.
The metaphysical isn't something new to me; I decided to begin reading "professionally" after several years of study and understanding of my gifts with other talented mediums in private study and in development circles. I have been in service to the light for over twenty-years. I am here to share that light with others.
Why Choose Katie?